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Stucco ceiling and leather strappy sandals

stucco ceiling

I am so weak for baroque stucco work, especially when in contrast with modern interiors.

ankle leather pumps

I’m also weak for shoes. Especially when in contrast with summery weather..

Both the interior in the first photo and the outfit in the second have some sort of modernism meets handicraft-thing going on. The apartment with it’s enthralling handiwork ceiling and the hand-crafted embroidery on the skirt. It’s divine and down to earth at the same time. Well ok, 10 cm from the earths surface in this case but that’s also 10 cm closer to that divine ceiling.

Photos via My Beautiful Stockholms pinterest.

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Sugar Beach, Toronto


Fancy some Sail-in cinema? Thats free movies presented on a floating screen for you. Right here at Sugar Beach.

scarfPretty botanical pattern on a silk scarf. Kind of looks like butterfly wings strewn across.


Lovely apartment I want to fill up with pretty furniture! Photo via Lotta Agaton.

My awe with empty apartments, silk scarves and dusty pink hues on everything rolls on even this Sunday. Too bad Toronto is so far from Stockholm, I would spend the day at that exact spot right now were it not 10 flight hours away. If you’re close by, please have a soft ice cream under one of those Cherry blossom girl-sunshades for me.

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Nina Ricci resort, amethyst water and Barcelona apartments

This dress is so Grace Kelly/Cannes Riviera gone 2013. From the Nina Ricci resort-collection.

Pool water turned sparkly gem stones, so very tumblr-ish.

A wild bouquet one would pick on the countryside and a stringy chair one would sit on in the city. By my old favorite Le dans la.

And this apartment is insane! I would go live there in a second. Reminds me of this one.

The last days of July continue on in a swirl of pink and purple hues with it’s bright afternoons and warm evenings.

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Come see me at my new blog!

I’m just washing some geraniums Karen Millen-style.

Stockholm through my camera. Also known as Scandinavias Paris.

Baking, cooking, shopping and enjoying the capital of Sweden royally even on rainy days.

And showing you all the places you’ll have to visit when in Stockholm.

I’m with blog! It’s not a transition from Lolitas though, to make it clear: I will continue to write here too. Come on – after 8 years I can’t just stop taking care of this soon to be teenager of a blog. I love Lolitas. But recently I’ve felt like taking more photos of my own, creating something that is more me and that reflects what happens in my everyday life more blog-wisely then Lolitas does. If Lolitas.se is a scrapbook of thoughts and dreams then My Beautiful Stockholm is a portal of realisation. It’s a journal that tells both my story and Stockholms. I hope you’ll come with me over there! And that we’ll see more of each other here as well. All the best! /Katarina

See you here! =