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My fashion moodfilms for the Swedish Fashion Council

The trend Body Comfort

Twice a year I collaborate with the Swedish Fashion Council in the making of short moodfilms for their seasonal seminars in which they present trends for buyers and industry folks for the upcoming two years. This spring season resulted in these three film, depicting the trends for autumn/winter 2017/2018. What do you think?

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to reveal about the trends themselves, at least not yet, but you should be able to get a feeling of them just through the films :)

Dwell in Darkness

Garbage Garage

More videos right here.

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My top 3 fashion & food-instagrammers right now

You probably know by now that I’m an instagram-junkie. So, my likes on the the instagrammers photos below started piling up on @lolitasblog and I thought I would I might as well share my faves of the moment.

Here they go:

small stars

Alexandra Machover


Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 2Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 3Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 25Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 4  Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 1Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 6
Nice photos, funny captions, a combination of food and fashion and great NYC restaurant and cafe-tips. She’s an associate producer at Popsugar AND founder of Current Creative, an influencer marketing agency. Girl’s just boss.

small stars

Ann Wynn


ann wynn 1ann wynn 2  ann wynn 3ann wynn 4  ann wynn 15ann wynn 16
Pastels, palms, ruffles, pink hologram fabrics and puffy shoes. I love Ann Wynns fashion sense and the fact that she promotes self-love, acceptance and body confidence just makes it even better. She’s not only a blogger but also a co-owner of the Pink Plastic Babez brand, your go-to place for awakening your inner 90s princess (or just getting the best dress for you night out ever).

small stars

Jasmine Dowling


jasmine dowling 1jasmine dowling 2  jasmine dowling 3jasmine dowling 4  jasmine dowling 5 jasmine dowling 6
Light and dreamy photography, flowy lettering and great architectural snaps, Brisbane-based blogger and creative Jasmine Dowling captures the prettiest moments on her blog and instagram. She’s got a shop with really nice prints as well, perfect gifts (for youself). All in all an inspiring lady!

Thats my favs for now. Got any other tips?

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Oversized jeans jacket, vintage YSL and a body

LEATHER PANTS YSL VINTAGE EARRINGS beige shoes fashion blogsPants, pumps, place, earrings, body.

Can you think of an outfit without the location? I’ll usually start off with the place and plan thereafter. Or with a single piece of clothing. In this case, the sheepskin pants got me thinking. I love this model, with the side pockets and pleated details. The price is on the high side so I matched them down with some affordable pieces and finished of with playful YSL earrings. The background is the fabric detail from this gorgeous long denim bomber jacket.

Only thing needed is a pink wall to take your photo with! It’s 2016 afterall and the photo location of your #ootd is as important as your outfit right?

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Trending: Embroideries, Erdem Resort 2016 and Jose Romussi

erdem embroideries resort 2016 collection

If you, like me, had a crush on this Resort-seasons Erdem collection with all the embroidery, there is hope for you (and me). There’s no need to blow your whole autumn clothing budget on one dress (even though it would be nice) because:

zara erdem embroidery black dress autumn 2016 collection

Zara has the perfect embroidered pieces for us! I just happened to drop in there after work and their new fall collection is full of perfect embroidery. I especially liked the midi dress above with a perfect slit to knee and romantic rose-details in the front. There were loads of other embroidered goodies there as well: bomber jackets, cotton shirts and tunics to name a few.

jose romussi artist embroidery fashion magazine

Anyways, if you enjoy this autumn trend, be sure to check out artist Jose Romussis work along with it. After all: there aren’t many things you can’t improve with embroidery as Marie Claire says in it’s runway issue this month.

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Beige & black, all day every 90s day


  1. Mocha strappy heel 2. Liquor black boot 3. omg omg! 4. <3  5. Mesh sandal 6. Michelin platform 7. Huarache

I love the the wave of evolved 90s in fashion right now, with all the simple lines, blacks and beiges, platforms, perplex’s and purrrfect shoes. The millennial touch on accessories with internet symbols and ironi being thrown into the mix is great for styling, making a sultry outfit a bit more humorous with comic-inspired messages and emojis. It all goes perfectly well with my all-black half-engaged outfits, taking them from booring to bitchin’ in like 2 shoe-pins and a see through-heel.

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Weekend picks: manageable plants, Anna Nooshin, Nadia Aboulhosn and career advice


Pink hair + pink grapefruits.

Sunday is the best and worst day. It’s super relaxing but also stressful as the next week is on it’s verge. Actually I don’t know why I find it stressful as I normally enjoy mondays and all the week energy that comes with it but I wouldn’t mind Sunday being like 30 hours instead of 24…

Anyways, here are some of the things I’ve been inspired by this week.


Interior wisely, I’m all for the afternoon lights bouncing off white walls, manageable plants and industrial details. And the occasional pop of pink of course.


Photo by Advice from a Twentysomething from this Saving money post on CGD.

Career Girl Daily is a great site for lazy afternoons, scrolling on your phone in the sofa. The articles are short and easy to digest but with an underlying positive message for women that it’s all about just doing your thing and working hard. While looking the part obviously (quote from someone currently sitting in chub rub-pants with a pink pyjama and newly washed hair in a scrunched up towel on the head, writing about looking like a businesswomen).



Anna Nooshin

I really like the H&M Life blog/magazine. I think it’s a good mix of interviews with interesting people, inspiring photo shoots and nice styling ideas on different trends.


The black dress/knee high boots outfit above and this neon-y shift dress-combo = perfect.

Nadia Aboulhosn is still the nr 1 blog queen I think. She’s personal, smart and so good at styling, I find it loads more inspiring to see clothes on her figure then on regular models as it resembles my own body. And I love the confidence she exuberates.

If you have any other nice tips on what inspired you this week or great sites, tell me all about in in the comment field!

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Films by Lolitas, trends in fashion and design















Two times a year, for the seasonal spring/summer and autumn/winter-collections, I make short inspiration-movies for the Swedish Fashion Council and their trend seminars. This is a job I enjoy alot, I love putting together films the same way I enjoy composing blog posts. Above are excerpts from some of the movies. You can watch the whole films in my Film-section. Tell me what you think if you have a peak.

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Nadia Aboulhosn

nadia aboulhosn


nadia aboulhosn2

I have a serious fashion girl-crush right now on Nadia Aboulhosn. She is so incredibly charismatic and her blog is personal in the most genuine way. Her photos are amazing as hell, the lightning and poses are like snaps out of a Sofia Coppola movie, so intriguing and inspiring. Not to mention the fashion and styling.. A-game simply put.

“I make it a point to not glamorise my life on social media,” she says herself. “I take pictures with my glasses, with no makeup. I’ll screenshot my bank account.”

“Some people aren’t happy with their own life so they try to make it look good to other people. I take pictures of me going to McDonalds. I make it a point to show I’m still eating oodles of noodles. I think that’s why people can relate to me.”

Love her!