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Sea of Shoes, Kelim, Turkish coffee

Sea of shoes

I’ve discovered so meny great bloggers through Instagram, redhead beauty Sea of Shoes-Jane for example.

kelim rug

Also, I discovered that my love for rosy kelim rugs just wont go away. Especially if there are a pair of mint suede shoes neatly placed on it like this.

turkish coffee

Lastly, turkish coffee is so delicious.. It’s all aromatic and smooth with the most confusing cooking procedure ever (in 8 steps..).

I sense some Moroccan, One Thousand and One Nights-feeling going on with these photos. I don’t know I guess I’m preparing for fall with the sullen colors, strong coffee and all. But then again, there are worst things than that, right?

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Vodianova, Cordoba window, roses

natalia vodianova

Such a vintage Natalia Vodianova-photo.


All the balconies in Palma look exactly like this one. It’s as if they stage them like that purposely for the sake of tourism. Photo source right here.


Can’t get enough of a good climbing rose. This one is by Mikki.

Plants, pretty russians, lace and legendery balconies, all in the name of inspiration. Sad thing one can’t have climbing roses inside an apartment, I would absolutely cover some wall with them. Oh well, that’s what wallpapers are for I suppose.

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Gold dust, sequins, all things sparkly

glitter shoes

Glittery pumps and pleated skirts.


Sequined dress on a beach… Such an extravagant Great Gatsby-ish escapism that would only work in editorials (and on blogs of course).


Stockholm the other day, I was literally soaked by the rain.

gold dust

Ultimate bokeh dust.

Every autumn/fall I get a feeling for everything sparkly and shimmering, as if to bright up all the dark and rainy evenings to come. But then again, sequins are prettier in moonlight, right? Oscar Wilde probably said it at some point anyways, sounds like something he would campaign.

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Stucco ceiling and leather strappy sandals

stucco ceiling

I am so weak for baroque stucco work, especially when in contrast with modern interiors.

ankle leather pumps

I’m also weak for shoes. Especially when in contrast with summery weather..

Both the interior in the first photo and the outfit in the second have some sort of modernism meets handicraft-thing going on. The apartment with it’s enthralling handiwork ceiling and the hand-crafted embroidery on the skirt. It’s divine and down to earth at the same time. Well ok, 10 cm from the earths surface in this case but that’s also 10 cm closer to that divine ceiling.

Photos via My Beautiful Stockholms pinterest.