The Nolitan Hotel, NY Soho


Buzzing streets versus tranquil rooms.. I’ll have both.


The sort of soothing, never changing views of New York.


The ultimate rotation spot: bed – computer – bath – bed.


This photo just reminds me so much of my childhood, kind of like: school is starting and the flower shops on the way are changing colors.

Let’s start of this back-to-work week with a I’d-rather-be-here series, otherwise known as The Nolitan Hotel in Soho, New York. Window walls, modest spaces with brilliant interior planning for that sort of carefree NY-life (that nobody lives but this is a blog, come on), chunky bathtubs right next to the bed and serene surroundings consisting of petit bakeries and plant shops. Packing my bag mentally. Found via The Style Crusader.

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  1. Ah, so glad you found the hotel via my blog. It really is so dreamy. If you’re ever in NY definitely check it out. xx

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