bright light delight

interior design inspiration

interior design plates

interior design inspiration

interior design plates
quirky, playful and vivid – just the way i like it. the first photo is from designismine.

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4 Responses to “bright light delight”

  1. Marie-Eve says:

    luminous and girly kitchen, with these pastel colors (first photo). i like to look at it, but i wouldn’t dare in my apartment…. Would you?

    • Katarina says:

      i would if i really liked it, it’s a white base with some pastels that can easily be switched out. it’s not exactly my taste though so i guess i wouldn’t put it in my apartement :)

  2. Teresa says:

    And the last photo is of plates by Trixie Delicious (they’re on Flickr, and here’s their website

  3. Icee says:

    I absolutely adore bright kitchens. I feel like cooking a lot more when there seems like a LOT of space to make a mess. :P

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