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iko iko space

the first photo could just be a lovely still life but is in fact a product photo for that little hashioki (meaning chopstick) bud vase. i love stuff like this, small things with such a sweet purpose, so poetic in some way. i would be thrilled to get my chopsticks rested on a little vase. also it’s obviously a brilliant product photo, go iko iko space-shop!

the middle photo is perhaps the perfect location for filmmaking? so inspiring, i want so badly to go there on this dull monday! and then the last photo is some kind of introvert way of coming to terms with my own fascination for lemons and eggs, preferrably together. i don’t understand it at all, the closest explanation for my obsession is that bright yellow and creamy white go together so unbelievably well.

anyways, if you have any weird visual obsessions, please share, i feel kind of weird now, haha:)

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    10/10/2011 at 9:24 pm

    Hi. I’m going through some mayor heart ache and been searching for some kind of recognition. I’ve come to realize that there is nothing poetic, beautiful or romantic about crying in the arms of the man you love, it’s just plain awful. And hearing love songs and reading Jane Eyre and watching your favourite movie doesn’t help. Not even cookies and your cat purring on your chest takes away the pain. All tough I found my way to your blog and my heart felt a little easier. The pictures you post reminds me that there are thing in life that can be just as beautiful as this feeling is awful. It doesn’t weigh up right now but it’s kind of relieving when you feel like your heart is pouring out. Thank you. Love, Lisa.

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      10/10/2011 at 10:48 pm

      thanks alot for your honest and precious comment. i really appreciate your kind words.. i hope you find your way out of the sad feelings soon! lot’s of <3, k.

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