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the 20th century corset


artwork by Mats Gustafson

i am so tired of the fact that every model in every editorial is anorectic. i just can’t get inspired by this.. i don’t want to post it on lolita because i do not want to be an enabler of this  ideal. and i will not accept that this is made the norm. weight has become the 20th century corset – another way of strapping the female body up and keeping it under control. the models in the editorials are weak silhouettes of women – ghostlike droids with meaningless impressions..

manipulating women means manipulating half the population on earth. businesses are cashing in making billions of dollars on womens unhappiness about themselves – of course they will keep pushing the boundries of what is considered beautiful. the manipulation goal is a homogenised population where everybody is made to fit one (ironically enough) model. a brilliant way of controlling half the population – making them weak and self-absorbed. something that will most definitely keep them from paying attention to politics, conflicts, consumption..

and i am equally tired of arguments such as: all bodies are different. sure they are – the bone structures are absolutely different. but please, go back in time about 50 years. where are these super slim people? where are these bony legs? being naturally slim does not mean not having any body fat. it means being petite and small but still having the normal attributes such as an indication of a stomach, a chin, cheeks..

of course i’m affected by this. we all are in one way or another. but the difference is;  some of us will keep fighting while other will keep accepting that women just need to starve themselves to death to be pretty.

we need to keep assuring each other that women do not have to be stick-thin to be beautiful.

this is my assuration: don’t fall for the billion dollar businesses manipulation. there is nothing wrong with you.