Delpozo ss-14 by Ann Street Studio







I couldn’t kill my darlings putting this together, but that’s just my regular response to visiting the Ann Street Studio. They just manage to capture every show at New York Fashion Week in the most enchanting way and I’m not sure if I’m watching the stills from a Sofia Coppola-movie or Delpozos Spring/Summer 2014-collection. Nothing wrong with that obviously, except for the slight overheating I experience inspiration-wisely. Oh, the luxe curse of an excellent blog like that.

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Anders Krisár, Derek Lam and Sakura


10 Crosby Derek Lams ss-14 collection. Yes please, move into my closet.


Ander Krisár.. I’m so late on discovering his genius photos and sculptures.


Your typical regal Pinterest pattern. That’s what all our sources will probably sound like in the future – “Pinterest“…


I’m remembering/celebrating Sakura blossoms in such a emotional way every autumn, as if Spring was ten years from now (the curse of living in Sweden!).

A collection of sentimental photos that resemble my current inspirations. Well, what else is new.. I’ve been a lousy blogger because of school/real life/work-starts and the whatnot. Just let me get into my routines properly and I’m on as always! Like.. tomorrow! :)

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The NoMad NY and Louis Vuitton fw-13


The rain chatter on these windows must be sort of legendary.


Hailing a cab Louis Vuitton-style (nothing unpractical there).


Give me a bathtub by a window and I’m sold (obviously).


Kind of like dining in a museum?


Probably a place where everyone plans on leaving last.


Ultimate louinging area after a genius food coma.


And looking outside the window, suddenly you’re in Rome?


Ok phew, still in NY. That aged whiskey in the lounge was just playing some tricks then.


And then you head back to your room LV-style.

Continuing the hotel-series from yesterday by chance, a visit to Luxirare’s generated a new found inspiration and yearning for The NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. The interiors are dramatically cozy in that historical/magical way that one seem to crave every year around this time. It’s situated north of Madison Square Garden, in the historic NoMad neighborhood and houses a restaurant that seems to be as beyond as the hotel itself, judging from Luxirare’s documentation anyway. Now if one only had a booking and a Louis Vuitton fall/winter-13 closet to go with it…

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The Nolitan Hotel, NY Soho


Buzzing streets versus tranquil rooms.. I’ll have both.


The sort of soothing, never changing views of New York.


The ultimate rotation spot: bed – computer – bath – bed.


This photo just reminds me so much of my childhood, kind of like: school is starting and the flower shops on the way are changing colors.

Let’s start of this back-to-work week with a I’d-rather-be-here series, otherwise known as The Nolitan Hotel in Soho, New York. Window walls, modest spaces with brilliant interior planning for that sort of carefree NY-life (that nobody lives but this is a blog, come on), chunky bathtubs right next to the bed and serene surroundings consisting of petit bakeries and plant shops. Packing my bag mentally. Found via The Style Crusader.

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In Style Bubbles bubble of style, Christopher Kane aw-13







Sparkling, delicately structured corkscrew beads and tinsel-like gowns in deep midnight hues, when Style Bubble captures Christopher Kanes aw-13 collection, both in photos and words, I think the combination is wild. I just can’t help but blog-collect the photos directly and put them onto my own journal as if they were those stickers we 90s-kids collected carefully into our serious booklets and then traded with each other as if there was no tomorrow. Christopher Kanes collection could also be read as a little geared up for doomsday, with the combat camo-prints and glitter-like-there’s-no-tomorrow gowns. Anyways, who wouldn’t fight a couple of fashion battles in one of his feather pieces?

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Jennifer Causey, NY, Laundry


Window walls, not so great for your privacy but great in every other way.


Remember those strokes you made in like kindergarden and felt were just genius? Well turns out they were.


If you never empty your laundry basket, things will eventually start to grow out of it. And that can turn out pretty good, as shown here by Jennifer Causey.


Also, if you’re to OCD in your workplace, Zebras will move in. This too documented by Jennifer Causey.

Back to work means back to dreaming about out of this world-apartments while being stuck to you table, putting in “laundry”, “training” and “answer emails!!” unto your to do-list and taking care of zebras. Don’t worry guys, we’re in this together!

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Celine, Irby Pace, Ye Rin Mok


Some dots, boots and pastels that are free to move into my closet anyday by Celine f/w-13.


Dreamy smoke bombs by Irby Pace.


And this house of “acid modernism” photographed by the amazing Yen Rin Mok is just out of this world.


Getting ready for fall with this photo collection of minimalism meets surrealism meets mother nature kind of series. Imagine living in that house wearing all Celine f/w-13 and welcoming guests with pastel smoke bombs.. Now that would most definitely feel kind of swell.

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& other autumns


Good morn’! I’m back from the holidays just like everyone else in Stockholm, answering mails (aka sweating/biting nails) and getting back to regular routines. This is what I was up to yesterday, being the last day of life (sorry: last day of vacation) and all. At least internet is working… Wifi really is my top Maslow priority for feeling ok. Now let me just google the diagnose on that and get back to you!

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Oh Proenza (and Marc)

marc jacobs

Umbrellas that make rainy days seem delicate, by Marc Jacobs.

proenza shouler new york

Photo from Proenza Schoulers Madison Avenue/New York store opening (found on their slick facebook page).


Proenza Schouler spring 2013. More of a fall collection I think but incredibly lovely either way.

I’m in Mallorca, i’s 30 degrees and so humid one could easily melt down the balcony along with all the excess sunlotion and donut-glazing this place is covered in. But still, I’m totally in the mood for Autumn. Well how can one not be after a glance through Proenza Schoulers recent looks. And these are the Spring 2012 ones.. Imagine the fall pieces. Or, see them for yourself in their über artsy fall campaign right here.

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J Choo and J Frank


Pretty Leja-sandals by Jimmy Choo, looks a bit like Alaïas with those fuller straps.

Modern transparent table meets classic stucco fireplace.


And a pretty, yellow Josef Frank-ish print.

A small series of yellow hues, from bright gingko to dusty aspen.

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Tulle and palms

red fabric

back garden

Bright red tulle curtains that make the terrace appear as if it’s dressed in an exquisite evening attire is a nice idea I think. The drapes could easily be all white or pale light blue, the effect is so dramatic and airy. And I love that secret looking back garden, really makes me wonder who lives there and what they’re like. Probably someone with ivory silk slips that drinks french press coffee and smells like bergamot.

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Tin foiling / Bauhaus bias / Autumn knockings


Tin foil eye make-up (from Chanel I think?).


Rampant backyard through the most modernist hallway.


Mojitos! The best drink, right?


And a reminder to self to wear white open heels while the weather still allows it.. :(

Neither tin foil eye-makeup or mojitos are going to protect us from Autumn. But it’s pretty in pics and that’s all we need for now, don’t you think? There’s at least one month to go of strappy sandals anyways!

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Breakfast at Celines

silk scarf

Just the sweetest dotty silk scarf on the prettiest Celine bag.

tea cups

If I take one cup from every porcelain collection of my grand mothers and put them like this, I think that would be the end of me. Or her. Best not to do it.


Classics, sort of the LBD of pumps. Also known as: gimme’.

Dots, blacks and cups are on my mind this monday. Have I got a busy intellectual life or what?

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Macaroon bathing and concrete buildings

hotel sea view

Concrete ceilings and floors look so attractive combined with this kind of all white, minimalistic interiors.


The Swedish flag on a foot! Anyhow, I just want the shoe..

ysl creamy lipstick

Light pink YSL for bright holiday mornings.


The sort of kitchy bathing suit I would totally buy in the tourist shops if they had it instead of the dolphin ones.


And after a hard day like this, one just need some silk sheet rest, right?

Silly bathing clothes, tepid afternoons and unnecessary rests. I think it goes something like: there are places like home..

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Some people say there’s a golden light

palm trees

belle voyage


Palm trees, rocky beaches and lazy afternoons, it dosen’t get more summery than that, does it?

A little soundtrack to go with, Twin Shadow – Golden Light:

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