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Gourmet mouse traps and Clarendon

mouse trap

Such an amusing concept: Gourmet mouse traps. It is what it sounds like. I think some human beings, myself included, would easily become victims (especially if it involved strawberry shortcake..).

clarendon calenderAs I’m currently attending courses in typography and graphic design, I’m suffering from slight tunnel vision which may explain some posters and stuff appearing on Lolitas from now. The calender above is set in the 18th-century font Clarendon (used in old western wanted posters among other things). I think it’s pretty in all it’s boldness, don’t you?

This kitchen is just too adorable with it’s dusty pink cupboards and diagonal checkered floor.. From a London studio I found right here.

So, saucy mouse traps, chunky typefaces and playful kitchens made for great meetings and delicious coffee breaks… These are some of the things in my inspiration-folders right now!

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machine 2: foresees into the future of design 15 years from now.

machine 3: reproduces itself (just in smaller scale).

machine 1: produces Pantone 804 or magenta.

= tools you need to:



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first day of work after the easter holidays.. not so fun. but the sun is shining, our graduation party is tomorrow (i don’t understand why it’s so early though) and it’s only a couple of weeks left until school is over. i am so excited about this!!
and i hope you’re having a nice day as well! :)

första skoldagen efter lovet.. känns sådär. men solen skiner, vår studentskiva är imorgon och det är bara några ynka veckor kvar till studenten! åh!

lovely handwritten type by andrew sliwinski