light installation

light installation

light installation

thank you very much for your sweet comments on this post.. :)

i found the pictures above via xcuzme and since i for some unidentified reason am so inspired by light installations i thought i would show them to you.

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3 Responses to “light installation”

  1. en. says:

    hi huge thanks for featuring tis only a scrap for the final instalation although I’m happy you liked it.

  2. lisen says:

    Hej L!
    Jag tycker om din blogg, en stor inspiration i vardagen och i mitt skapande, du hittar alltid en känsla med dina bilder och texter.

    Jag blir nyfiken av dej som person, vad pysslar du med förutom att blogga?

  3. paul says:

    Are you familiar with Dan Flavin’s work? Check it out since you like light installations…amazing installations at Dia Beacon Riggio gallery in NY state. Also, check out which has all the Dia sites/galleries/museums. The best all-time light installation has to be Walter de Maria’s Lightning Field another Dia site. Anyway, their website will yield lots of inspiration!

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