package design by delfonics


vet inte riktigt vad de ska föreställa (kanske bara små lådor? tvål?) men jag älskar dem! mönstrena, färgerna, produktbilderna..

av delfonics.

i don’t know what it is (just boxes?) but they make me embarrasingly excited. i love the patterns, the colors, the way they are photographed..

made by delfonics.

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4 Responses to “package design by delfonics”

  1. lvs says:

    whats inside them?

    You ooze creativity!

  2. Talia says:

    If you like this kind of thing you HAVE to go to LISBOA, there’s lovely patterns everywhere in this city !!!

  3. I. Klee says:

    Loving your blog… put it on my link list!


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