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lately i’ve been thinking alot about Lolitas.se and some potential developments. i thought i would keep you updated about my thoughts and see if you have any ideas of your own. i really enjoy blogging, but would like to take it to the next level. the main idea is to turn the Lolitablog into more of an online magazine. still focusing on inspiration and beautiful photos but with some more content in the form of articles, columns by guest contributors and bloggers and also more concrete links and sources.

the categories would include, just like now; interior design and lifestyle, but also more about people (graphic designers, advertisers, architects etc) and more fashion, food and news in visual industries. in a couple of days i’ll put up the slightly edited blog layout (no big changes though) and then we’ll get going! what do you think about it all? do you have any ideas or desires that you’d wish to see more of? more tips about other inspiring sites? interviews with people that work in design to get your own design ambition-inspiration kicked going? or something completely new? i’m very open for suggestions and i believe this blog has got really smart and creative readers so i’m open to all ideas. just post them in the comment field below or email to:

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voynich manuscript

i think i have gotten a little obsessed with old books and particularly the 14th century old voynich manuscript. it’s a great mystery and the author, script and language are all still unknown. none of the plants depicted are identifiable even though they seem familiar at first glance and the same goes for the text, it’s constructed like a real language but is completely uncomprehensible. anyways perhaps i have a little too much spare time!

the first photo is from the manuscript, the second is by gabbjana and the third one is by pieter estersohn of leonardo ferragamos mansion.

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i’m not (at all) too good with routines but i still have some romantic idea about organizing. i think i got it from a story about some architect commissioned to make a sketch and his deadline was more than a year away. so every day he would sit at his desk at 9 pm, put on this one song (alway the same) and then work for exactly an hour. the end result was of course great, as always in stories.

i don’t know why i find it so inspiring but i think it has to do with some kind of fascination of the perservation and commitment that it takes to be so structured. and i always want what i haven’t got, don’t we all?

first photo: mieke willems
second photo: some album cover, i don’t remember which