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HAV fisk- och skaldjursrecept för årets alla veckor


i’m always on the look for the perfect cookbook, both visually and recipe-wisely and i think i might have found it, and so close to christmas time too (this will make a perfect present for my seafood-loving dad). nothing makes me want to pack my bags and go live in a cottage by the sea as much as this. sole meunière, bleak roe toast with ice cold beer and hake with garlic and lentils. it kind of makes me feel the smell of ocean, even though i’m in stockholm in not the best of weather conditions.

the book is called Hav (ocean in swedish) and is by the owners of an excellent sea food store called Hav in Hötorgshallen in Stockholm. can be bought by their counters in Hötorgshallen or by calling +468 20 30 03

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