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eduoard plongeon, skullset, yvette inufio


eduoard plongeon

yvette inufio at flickr

kate moss

good morning! i hope you slept well.. i woke up and giggled a little to “how much is your clock”, it’s supposed to spell “what time is it”.. :) kind of like the common swedish mistake of saying: “do you want my leg/can you show me your leg” when leg = ID card. but i’ll leave it that way – you understood! and i am amazed how many of you are international, most are you are from different parts of the world.. i feel really motivated by that. also, thank you for all your sweet sidenotes, i do love you too – most of you.

edouard plongeon


yvette inufio

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paris, istanbul


paris fairy light



i really wish i knew where i found these, they’ve been lying in my folders for ages.. love the raw city-feeling in them, they feel like snapshots – the unpretentious, tourist-like ones you took while  crossing the street or looking up at the sky and they just happened to turn out lovely. lucky snapshots.