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Top 3 stylish gin cocktails ~ Funfetti, blackberries, rhubarb and lingonberries

lingonberries rhubarb donut funfetti herno gin cocktail1

This week, I was inspired thanks to gin. Oh, well who wouldn’t be is perhaps your first thought. Well, this time, I was inspired by the brand first and foremost, and that’s really not my usual starting point. This brand however consists of a gin distillery in the north of Sweden. A red tree barn in the beautiful forests of Ångermanland, full of snow clad landscapes and northern lights across starry skies. Yup, I’m a romantic. I’m also a major city child so nothing is as mystical to me as the above, and a good gin cocktail dosen’t exactly dull this fantasy of mine.

Anyways, I loved having a bottle of good (price-winning in fact) gin at home. I would think of random combinations throughout the days and then, come weekend, I was all about that gin!

Here are my experimentations:

1. Above: Lingonberry and rhubarb shot with funfetti donut on top

This is so simple and so tasty! Just mix a little lingonberry juice with a splash of gin and add some ice. Let the blender do the rest, just make sure to stack up on donuts..

blackberries blackberry cocktail gin cocktail

2. Dark crimson, herby Blackberry cocktail with marjoram

Add 16 blackberries to a cocktail shaker, mash with a muddler. Fill cocktail shaker with ice, add gin and honey as well as lime juice. Shake, shake, shake. Now fill a fancy glass with ice. Strain blackberry mixture into glass, filling it 1/3 of the way. Tilt glass and carefully pour prosecco on top of the blackberry mixture. Garnish with everything nice. Who needs smoothies anyways?

grapefruit cocktail gin martini thyme 1

3. Bright pink grapefruit delight with honey and thyme

This pretty in pink cocktail is so simple to make, just squeeze the juice out of a couple of grapefruits, mix with a splash of prosecco and a teaspoon of honey. Garnish with grapefruit peels and fresh thyme.

grapefruit cocktail gin martini thyme 2This cocktail is in fact marble-friendly, unlike the blackberry story above.

herno ginThis is the inspiration behind it all and the only gin I will be buying from now on.

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Rosé frosé slushee, beach tents and cherries on top of it

rose slushe frose a beautiful mess blogger drink 1

Umm, did you see that Rosé slushee over at A Beautiful Mess? It is just the prettiest looking (and probably tasting) thing ever. It’s ultimate for suppressing every last bit of autumn. And it follows the cherry on top-rule, you know; how nothing can fail with a cherry on top (like these cream sodas for example). Heck, I think the first photo on pinterest must have included something with a cherry on top of it.

rose slushe frose a beautiful mess blogger drink 2

Speaking of rosé, I think these drinks would preferably be consumed near pink plants and a modest tent by the beach:

pink plants palm trees inspiration

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My top 3 fashion & food-instagrammers right now

You probably know by now that I’m an instagram-junkie. So, my likes on the the instagrammers photos below started piling up on @lolitasblog and I thought I would I might as well share my faves of the moment.

Here they go:

small stars

Alexandra Machover


Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 2Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 3Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 25Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 4  Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 1Alexandra Machover spur of the moment 6
Nice photos, funny captions, a combination of food and fashion and great NYC restaurant and cafe-tips. She’s an associate producer at Popsugar AND founder of Current Creative, an influencer marketing agency. Girl’s just boss.

small stars

Ann Wynn


ann wynn 1ann wynn 2  ann wynn 3ann wynn 4  ann wynn 15ann wynn 16
Pastels, palms, ruffles, pink hologram fabrics and puffy shoes. I love Ann Wynns fashion sense and the fact that she promotes self-love, acceptance and body confidence just makes it even better. She’s not only a blogger but also a co-owner of the Pink Plastic Babez brand, your go-to place for awakening your inner 90s princess (or just getting the best dress for you night out ever).

small stars

Jasmine Dowling


jasmine dowling 1jasmine dowling 2  jasmine dowling 3jasmine dowling 4  jasmine dowling 5 jasmine dowling 6
Light and dreamy photography, flowy lettering and great architectural snaps, Brisbane-based blogger and creative Jasmine Dowling captures the prettiest moments on her blog and instagram. She’s got a shop with really nice prints as well, perfect gifts (for youself). All in all an inspiring lady!

Thats my favs for now. Got any other tips?

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Cinnamon bun

cinnamon bun 1 cinnamon bun 2 cinnamon bun 3 cinnamon bun 4 cinnamon bun 5

The other day I dusted off an old swedish cookbook from the 1920s (so you can imagine the dust) and looked up ‘cinnamon buns’. This comforting pastry is soft and spicy, just like the first days of autumn. Perfect with a glass of cold milk and some pinterest searches of the swedish countryside.

Nowadays, you can find the bun almost anywhere, but in the old days, all of the ingredients were so expensive it was considered a delicacy. Baking it at home wasn’t a common practice until the 50s, baked by housewives, and then it stopped being so common in the 60s as the women baking it started working.

This pastry is still celebrated in Sweden, and it even has it’s own day. This sunday to be more specific, the 4th of october. I baked them using the old recipe from the cookbook in the first photo, featuring almonds in the filling, giving them a sweet and nostalgic taste.

You can find the recipe in english over at Fanny Zanottis, my favorite (and now Sweden-based!) pastry chef.