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Cinnamon bun

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The other day I dusted off an old swedish cookbook from the 1920s (so you can imagine the dust) and looked up ‘cinnamon buns’. This comforting pastry is soft and spicy, just like the first days of autumn. Perfect with a glass of cold milk and some pinterest searches of the swedish countryside.

Nowadays, you can find the bun almost anywhere, but in the old days, all of the ingredients were so expensive it was considered a delicacy. Baking it at home wasn’t a common practice until the 50s, baked by housewives, and then it stopped being so common in the 60s as the women baking it started working.

This pastry is still celebrated in Sweden, and it even has it’s own day. This sunday to be more specific, the 4th of october. I baked them using the old recipe from the cookbook in the first photo, featuring almonds in the filling, giving them a sweet and nostalgic taste.

You can find the recipe in english over at Fanny Zanottis, my favorite (and now Sweden-based!) pastry chef.

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mes gateaus,

sorry för töntig skolfranska.
men på tal om bakelser; blir alltid så inspirerad när bloggare lägger upp vackra efterrättsbilder med tillhörande recept.
min absoluta favorit är fanny.
kolla in här.

sorry for my poor school-french.
consider it laughable. or something.
speaking of gateaus, i am always so inspired when bloggers put up beautiful dessert-pictures and recipes.
my all-time favorite is fanny.
check out her lovely, yummy blog here.