christoper kane ss-12

i absolutely love christopher kanes s/s-12-collection and the flower-printed organza dresses in particular.
also spring light and balloons are never a mood killer.

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5 Responses to “christoper kane ss-12”

  1. UpGemini says:

    Oh my, that dress is fantastic, as it is this colorful post! Sunny here in New York city as well… now I am in a good mood! Thanks :D

  2. Hi, lovely pictures!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  3. Li says:

    Very dreamy! His collection is always unique and inspiring.

  4. Spring light and balloons are the best! Today there was spring light where I live…it was so refreshing it motivated me to go for a jog for the first time in months! While I was out, I even saw balloons! (Okay, they were old deflated birthday balloons hanging from someone’s mailbox, but still!)

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