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May 2009

1 In Inspiration

katya ford

i’m being a lousy blogger, just spending all my time outside in the sun, eating strawberrys and walking around barefoot in the grass.  i’ll post some of my own photos and put up a blog roll to share my favorite blogs with you from now on. starting with.. tomorrow! perhaps..

är en dålig bloggare, är utomhus hela dagarna, äter jordgubbar och går barfota på mjuka gräsmattor. bättring kommer i form av lite egna bilder och en länklista.. snart! mycket snart.

photo 1: ?
photo 2: katya ford

1 In Inspiration

juergen teller

beautiful spring day! moving outside  now, putting these two photos up for viewing. i think the second one by juergen teller is both adorable and hilarious at the same time..

lite inspiration innan jag beger mig ut i solen!

4 In Fashion

say yes to the dress

woke up, drank a little coffee and watched the end some programme called “say yes to the dress”. amazing how annoying some brides can be! i don’t really get the deal.. and i would never make it, i’m lousy at organizing and are way to restless to try on dresses for 3h..

förstår inte hela bröllops-grejen men jag gillar brudarna ovan!

13 In Inspiration

södra latin

i’m heading to my last lesson in school (in södra latin at least) ever! how weird is that? it feels so extremely liberating!

sista teaterlektionen på södra latin någonsin.. hur konstigt? hur befriande?!