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just came home from the longest walk, went through most of stockholm.. that’s the downside of this city – it’s much to small, you can basically go through everything in just a few hours.

solsken, vår och lördag! jag är en glad anka!

photo by sharon montrose

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6 Responses to “sharon montrose”

  1. Melissa says:

    I think it’s sad that you are promoting the works of Sharon Montrose. This artist’s recent work features exotic (and endangered) species as the focal point of her work (and without providing a proper explanation as to how she is able to acquire them for her personal use). I believe her work is inhumane. That’s all I wanted to say and I’m not trying to be abusive or argumentative. Just a differing view point.

  2. joel says:

    Lolita, such a nice name for a blog!

  3. Charlie says:

    Sweet photos. Love that the photographer managed to catch the waddle is precious!

  4. hahahahah aww how cute!

  5. Yet says:

    the chicken is fun! Have a great day

  6. sophia says:

    it looks amazing
    two grest shots

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