heartsometimes, before going somewhere, it’s nice to just  lay in the bed fully dressed and take a nap. the more dressed the better. it cures all stress – like the naps you had in kindergarden.

ibland är det skönaste som finns att helt enkelt lägga sig i sängen med kläderna på och dagis-vila.

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5 Responses to “nap”

  1. daria says:

    awwwh I alost always take a 20 minute nap before I go out for a long night *_*
    I think that it give a completly new glow to the face and you feel soooo wonderful :)

  2. Carolina says:

    That is so very true…I thought nobody else did that! Taking naps fully dressed before an event help me clear my head and relax a little about how the day/evening will go…just make sure your clothes don’t get all wrinkly!

    Love your page!

  3. Oh so true.
    i love those.

  4. paul says:

    disco nap time!

  5. jennifer, says:

    instämmer helt & fullt ut

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