sasha pivovarova

sasha pivavoro

sasha pivavoro

sasha pivavoro

sasha pivavoro

(photographers name?)

i like these because of the background and the overall feeling – young girl with something on her mind. god that sounded cheesy.

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7 Responses to “sasha pivovarova”

  1. s a says:

    wow the second one for some reason reminds me of leon the professional??

  2. Åh, vilka fina bilder!

  3. isabelle says:

    hon heter sasha pivovarova

  4. mollywood says:

    Dear lolita

    Love the pics, as always!

    but i think the lovely lady’s name is sasha pivovarova – quite a tounge twister!

    love from a faithful reader

  5. Emilienne says:

    Hun ser ut som en blanding av Gemma Ward og Natalia Vodianova:D

  6. Mari says:

    lovely. very angelical, yet interesting.

  7. Jazmín says:

    actually she’s sasha pivovarova.
    loved the photos :)

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