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Two times a year, for the seasonal spring/summer and autumn/winter-collections, I make short inspiration-movies for the Swedish Fashion Council and their trend seminars. This is a job I enjoy alot, I love putting together films the same way I enjoy composing blog posts. Above are excerpts from some of the movies. You can watch the whole films in my Film-section. Tell me what you think if you have a peak.

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Butter Dessert Saloon Dubai

butter dessert saloon dubai1

Rosey and lavendery Napoleons. butter dessert saloon dubai2

Gorgeous cake wirth edible flowers, dehydrated pineapple and coconutcream. butter dessert saloon 3
The bestseller: 90s nutella sea salt-cookies.

butter dessert saloon 5
Petite cakes and customers.

butter dessert saloon dubai4
Sugary and spicey doghnuts.

butter dessert saloon3

The sweetest doughnut gone cupcake and freshly brewed coffee in chocolate-dipped waffle cones.


I love Butter Dessert Saloon in Dubai for numerous reasons but mainly because:

a) the photos are amazing

b) everything looks absolutely delicious

c) combining classic Italian and french pastrys with arabic influences is a great concept

d) it’s creative af (dehydrated flower cakes with dried rosebuds and coconut is just winning)

e) the founder is a woman (Fatma Buhannad), she fueled her business through instagram and started delivering fresh baked goods to homes – a true entrepreneur.

If you need more convincing of the greatness of this dessert saloon the answers lie in the photos above and below. The only negative thing about this place really is that it’s to far from Stockholm.



The photos are from their instagram, the gif is from Buro 247.

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Spring in every nook and corner




Spring is around the corner. This is my favorite time of the year. Light creeping into every dusty corner of the apartment, small green buds swaying outside the window patiently. It is so wonderful and light and fresh, an indescribable feeling, certainly if you live in Stockholm.

Photos via pinterest, the middle one is by Ignacio Cadena.

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Max Bill, Chalet C7 in the Andes mountains and blue+pink


Chalet C7, a complete masterpiece in the Andes mountains in South America.

stol kjol

Chilly blue: meet dusty grey pink. Don’t remember which collection the look is from, please tell me if you know :)


If a location could be poetry, this would be it.


Bubbly floor lamps by Bauhaus-designer Max Bill.

Light snow sheets, long skirts, expressive chairs, tucked in mountain houses and playful lamps. It’s as if we’re on a modernist excursion some 2990 meters above sea level. Oh, the joys of blogging!

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Früute, Tauba Auerbach and pillow fights


The most amazing cookie photography/packaging, by Früute.

0228 Untitled (Fold)-Tauba-Auerbach-large

Tauba Auerbachs enigmatic light and color combos.


The sort of pillow fights that should not just be reserved for films and kids under 8.

Friday! The weeks are rushing past in such an unbelievable pace, I can’t believe we’re almost half way through november.. In Stockholm, everything is pitch dark by five in the afternoon, there are no more (fresh) flowers in the marketplace and the stores have snowflake decals on their displays. It’s ok though, I like this time of year. At least if you’re well-rested. Otherwise, I’m in coffee-poisioning-mode most of the day.

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Palais de Tokyo, Pink apples, Overly ordery

palais de tokyo

I love anything with a “Palais” in it’s name. It sound so soft and smooth, like a dessert almost. Much unlike the word Palace, or Palats in swedish which sound like some hard, unapproachable material or something gore-texy. The space above, Palais de Tokyo, was just born for the word I just dissected a tad too far. I want painted curtains as wallpaper when I see it!


Things in order, never fails to be appealing.


The strangest/cutest apples I found somehwere on instagram. Pink apple pie must be a winning dessert..

What does a Palais, a OCD-shelf and pink apples have in common? Well not much, except that they could all be part of a regular day and make it a little more peculiar just by being what they are perhaps.

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Grey, black and bokeh lights

grey white interior



Continuing on this sentimental/suppressed theme with a series of grey-black-white photos from the genius tumblr Life on Sundays. We’ve got some cement-basing going on, some thick linen fabrics and a black kitchen that was probably born (well, made in non-interior terms) for minimalistic cooking. Can’t go wrong. Unless you’re baking macaroons, what with all the flour swirling around..

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Anders Krisár, Derek Lam and Sakura


10 Crosby Derek Lams ss-14 collection. Yes please, move into my closet.


Ander Krisár.. I’m so late on discovering his genius photos and sculptures.


Your typical regal Pinterest pattern. That’s what all our sources will probably sound like in the future – “Pinterest“…


I’m remembering/celebrating Sakura blossoms in such a emotional way every autumn, as if Spring was ten years from now (the curse of living in Sweden!).

A collection of sentimental photos that resemble my current inspirations. Well, what else is new.. I’ve been a lousy blogger because of school/real life/work-starts and the whatnot. Just let me get into my routines properly and I’m on as always! Like.. tomorrow! :)