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drip maple syrup



this is a new trend (if it can even be called that?) in packaging design i’m quite fascinated by: breaking the agreement between how the design should be in relation to the product. for example: maple syrup in medicine-like packages. how would you react as a customer?

is it perhaps the ultimate way of making a product stand out in the shelf?
or the safest way to scare of buyers?

images via the dieline

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petite france, dieline.com

petite france

petite france

petite france

petite france

i looove this! the name, the patterns, the packages.. so inspiring! simple, personal, quirky, playful and very loveable. and seriously – is there any better way to market a product than to  make people love it? sex sells but love blinds making people come back for more, tell their friends about it, help the company develope the product, believing blindly in it and being loyal to the company. just look at apple..

found via my favorite packaging blog – the dieline.

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typography, coffee

introphonic flickr


interior design

swing garden


i found this set of pictures in one of my folders and they were so neatly placed next to each other that one might think that they actually do belong together.. unfortunately i only know two of the sources, the first picture is from introphonics lovely flickr and the third one is from parachutgirl. i love the grass lettering in the last picture!

update: the notice-sign is by david shrigley. thank you very much eira for informing me!