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don’t buy sony vaio



– beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece drawed on a napkin

as many of you already know – my computer crashed about a week ago. this feels very sad – especially since it’s only 2 years old. the computer is a vaio-model from sony and i was very excited when i got it. it was beautiful.. and that’s about it. the battery broke 2 months after usage. i hadn’t done anything in particular to it, it just ceased being portable.

i thought it was just bad luck and bought a new battery. then, just a little more than a year later, the screen starts to blink and some day later the computer crashes.

so my point to fellow bloggers and inspiration-hunters is: don’t go for sony. in fact: sony vaio sucks. i am very disppointed. truth is that i’ve realized that vaio is just like so many other design-products: only beautiful. and as we’ve heard before – beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece drawed on a napkin.

är väldigt missnöjd med sony vaio. min bärbara dators batteri gick sönder efter två månader och drygt ett år senare börjar skärmen flimra och slutar fungera helt. vaio är med andra ord precis som så många design-prylar: enbart vacker. bojkotta sony vaio.

vet inte vad jag ska göra nu.. måste fixa en ny dator och vet inte vilket märke jag ska välja eller någonting.. :/