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jenny bowers

the heat here in stockholm has chilled a bit and my brain just started running again. celebrating this amazing clarity with patterns and illustrations by jenny bowers. rediscovered via lobster and swan.

äälskar mönstrena och illustrationerna ovan av jenny bowers.. påminner mig lite om kenzoklänningarna jag bar som knatt.

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petite france, dieline.com

petite france

petite france

petite france

petite france

i looove this! the name, the patterns, the packages.. so inspiring! simple, personal, quirky, playful and very loveable. and seriously – is there any better way to market a product than to  make people love it? sex sells but love blinds making people come back for more, tell their friends about it, help the company develope the product, believing blindly in it and being loyal to the company. just look at apple..

found via my favorite packaging blog – the dieline.