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yves oppenheim, proenza shouler, lyndie dourthe


sponge cake (is there seriously no better word for it?) lamps: as lovely as it gets (or can get when you call them sponge cakes. let’s just call them sugar cakes instead). that proenza shouler dress and photo: even lovelier. the flowers have appeared on the blog before but they’re too sweet to forget about so they’re making a reapperance and finally some playful magenta watercolor by yves oppenheim.

sockerkaksformer, pappersblommor och vattenfärger.

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jenny bowers

the heat here in stockholm has chilled a bit and my brain just started running again. celebrating this amazing clarity with patterns and illustrations by jenny bowers. rediscovered via lobster and swan.

äälskar mönstrena och illustrationerna ovan av jenny bowers.. påminner mig lite om kenzoklänningarna jag bar som knatt.

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swedens national day

thousands of blue and yellow balloons will be let out in the celebration of swedens national day today. i’ll be there to check it out of course, i love balloons :)

någon som ska kolla på ballongutsläppet på skeppsbron? jag missade det förra året.