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Norwegian architecture, porridge and pines

I used to be all for the white interiors, no natural wood was allowed and even if it was just mildly stained I would be skeptical. Gone are those days, now I find myself looking for anything organic and natural. Could be my adoration for Japanese interior design that has finally gotten it’s way with material choices as well, nowadays I’ll simply be accepting a walnut-hued kitchen as well as a modernist white one.

So anyways, part of my inspirations as of now are all in the earthy and forest-y interiors. Tree panels can create an interesting atmosphere with their soothing structures, especially when placed like the ones in the facade above of Villa Nesøya by Lundhagem architects.

Porridge and pines, how very Scandinavian. Even a little elk on the plate, and a traditional brass pot. Can’t help but like this. First photo is by Line Dammen and the second one by Inger Marie Grini.

Floating, wall hung kitchen in light oak from a house in Baerum in Norway. The ceiling seems to float effortlessly as well thanks to the built in light at the edge.

Natural color palette and a bed with a view. By Inger Marie Grini.

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Stureby Stadsvillor SOLD


I höst har jag formgett och varit art director i skapandet av en säljfolder tillsammans med Nine Doors Properties. Objekten är fyra stycken helt utsökta, nyproducerade villor ritade av Liljewall Arkitekter i Stureby i Stockholm. Foldern ska på tryck inom kort och villorna ligger reda uppe Hemnet.

Ifall du vill ha mer information eller en folder i brevlådan, maila mig på katarina@lolitas.se

Bilderna är av Nadja Helminen, jag hittade hennes bilder på instagram och blev helt förtrollad. Hur duktig är inte hon på både styling och fotografi? Förresten så har föreningen möjlighet att förfoga över en egen Tesla 3… Villa, elbil och köksbänk i marmor, vad väntar en på?

Såhär kommer foldern se ut på ett ungefär:



This is a project I’ve been working on as a art director and graphic designer this autumn. It’s a catalogue for a housing project in Stureby in Stockholm, and the apartments (which are currently up on the market) are created by Swedish architecture agency Liljewall and sold by Stockholm based real estater Nine Door Properties.

The text in the infographical presentation above is in Swedish but what it says is basically where on the map the apartments are located, that the kitchen island is built in marble, that they feature a large terrace and that they will be built and ready for moving into into in january 2018.

I found the photographer Nadja Helminen through instagram and I absolutely love her interior styling and photography style. Above are excerpts from the folder itself, along with her photos and a prototype of the finished product. Email me if you’d like a copy of it.

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Sugar Beach, Toronto


Fancy some Sail-in cinema? Thats free movies presented on a floating screen for you. Right here at Sugar Beach.

scarfPretty botanical pattern on a silk scarf. Kind of looks like butterfly wings strewn across.


Lovely apartment I want to fill up with pretty furniture! Photo via Lotta Agaton.

My awe with empty apartments, silk scarves and dusty pink hues on everything rolls on even this Sunday. Too bad Toronto is so far from Stockholm, I would spend the day at that exact spot right now were it not 10 flight hours away. If you’re close by, please have a soft ice cream under one of those Cherry blossom girl-sunshades for me.