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Butter Dessert Saloon Dubai

butter dessert saloon dubai1

Rosey and lavendery Napoleons. butter dessert saloon dubai2

Gorgeous cake wirth edible flowers, dehydrated pineapple and coconutcream. butter dessert saloon 3
The bestseller: 90s nutella sea salt-cookies.

butter dessert saloon 5
Petite cakes and customers.

butter dessert saloon dubai4
Sugary and spicey doghnuts.

butter dessert saloon3

The sweetest doughnut gone cupcake and freshly brewed coffee in chocolate-dipped waffle cones.


I love Butter Dessert Saloon in Dubai for numerous reasons but mainly because:

a) the photos are amazing

b) everything looks absolutely delicious

c) combining classic Italian and french pastrys with arabic influences is a great concept

d) it’s creative af (dehydrated flower cakes with dried rosebuds and coconut is just winning)

e) the founder is a woman (Fatma Buhannad), she fueled her business through instagram and started delivering fresh baked goods to homes – a true entrepreneur.

If you need more convincing of the greatness of this dessert saloon the answers lie in the photos above and below. The only negative thing about this place really is that it’s to far from Stockholm.



The photos are from their instagram, the gif is from Buro 247.

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