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i know one shouldn’t blame outer circumstances for some things, especially training, but i can’t help but think some of my disinterest in sports during school was because of the gymnastics halls. always dull, dark, standardised and plain awful. now that i am a little older i actually enjoy sports, as soon as the necessitation of the weekly school gym hour disappeared, so did my scorn for working out. i’m not saying it has to be as luxurious and wonderful as the la tourelle sarcelles school gym in france, but perhaps a little more bright and modern?

what if, for example, architecture and design students got to redesign some of the school gyms? not entirely rebuild them as it would probably be too costly but just some renovation + a little innovation.
that would make me more engaged. if i was 15 again i mean. (luckily i am not.)

the first photo is by rivane neuenschwander.

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    19/10/2011 at 6:59 pm

    Well agreed! The smell! The echoes! The lighting!
    Whenever I visit a gym I can still feel the nails of other girls in my back, smell the sweaty stench in the moldy showers. Sports should be beautiful and enjoyable, not ugly and depressing! Especially when youre growing up. The feelings and impressions you associate with something when you are young will stay with you for life.

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    18/10/2011 at 3:15 pm

    Håller så med! Vår gympasal har kvar stanken från 80-tals svettet. Och så är den så gul att man får ont i ögonen. Skulle uppskatta idrott så mycket mer om man gjorde något åt saken!

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