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20 sqm in Stockholm, Josefin Hååg + Fantastic Frank


This small apartment of only 20 sqm is the former residence of swedish interior decorater and blogger Josefin Hååg. It is also 20 sqm of bliss interior-wisely, located in central Stockholm in the neighbourhood Atlasområdet, often referred to as Little Paris.


Recently the meticulously styled 20 sqm located was put up on the housing market with Fantastic Frank as the realtor.


Situated on Vulcanusgatan 8 in a building from 1927 with large windows and a color palette of soothing hues in grey and beige, black and white, this little fortress of decorating perfectness’ ending price was 2.7 million swedish crowns.


Investing in your apartments styling seems to be a good idea in other words!

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rollerblades, dots

roller blades


if you were a kid and suddenly had your own apartment – you could do whatever you wanted to, what would it be? why don’t we do the same things when we’re adults? or do we in fact do the same things?

i would.. paint on the walls with crayons, run back and forth.. never go to sleep.. eat cake.. wear rollerblades and listen to cartoons really loud..