Afternoon tea & Couronne

I love these by Shini Park, totally makes me crave afternoon tea accompanied by a lusty Couronne-bag and then some old style fountain-watching. You see in the right environment I can be perfectly at ease with doing nothing. At least for an hour or so.

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Nina Ricci resort, amethyst water and Barcelona apartments

This dress is so Grace Kelly/Cannes Riviera gone 2013. From the Nina Ricci resort-collection.

Pool water turned sparkly gem stones, so very tumblr-ish.

A wild bouquet one would pick on the countryside and a stringy chair one would sit on in the city. By my old favorite Le dans la.

And this apartment is insane! I would go live there in a second. Reminds me of this one.

The last days of July continue on in a swirl of pink and purple hues with it’s bright afternoons and warm evenings.

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Le Courbusier this and that

Waking up in a Le Corbusier house (photo by Mary Gaudin).

Going to the market really early (photo by Style Slicker).

And decorating a cake with paper bag-wrapped berries straight from the coutryside (photo by Mary Gaudin again).

That I would imagine to be quite a nice tuesday morning. All cuddled up in that late summer glow that only seem to occur when abroad.

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Come see me at my new blog!

I’m just washing some geraniums Karen Millen-style.

Stockholm through my camera. Also known as Scandinavias Paris.

Baking, cooking, shopping and enjoying the capital of Sweden royally even on rainy days.

And showing you all the places you’ll have to visit when in Stockholm.

I’m with blog! It’s not a transition from Lolitas though, to make it clear: I will continue to write here too. Come on – after 8 years I can’t just stop taking care of this soon to be teenager of a blog. I love Lolitas. But recently I’ve felt like taking more photos of my own, creating something that is more me and that reflects what happens in my everyday life more blog-wisely then Lolitas does. If is a scrapbook of thoughts and dreams then My Beautiful Stockholm is a portal of realisation. It’s a journal that tells both my story and Stockholms. I hope you’ll come with me over there! And that we’ll see more of each other here as well. All the best! /Katarina

See you here! =



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Roses, macaroons, checks and Eames

This looks like my rose bush! If it was ten times bigger…

These Eames chairs are growing on me. I’ve definitely read too many magazines.

Caramel and pink, not a bad color scheme.

And Kate Spade makes the sweetest summer outfits as usual.

Paris facade goes New York interior goes french pastry again and then girly print. I’d like it all in that order. Photos (not the Kate Spade one) are by Sandra Juto.

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Mary Gaudin, Italy Portofino & other stories

Glittering water and rebellious pine trees in Italy, Portofino.

Watermelon for breakfast on hibiscus-prints.

And cherries in the afternoon.

This bag would be perfect for strolls when it’s not too hot outside.

And dinners by old, handmade windows.

Mary Gaudin takes the loveliest photos I think. Here I put together some kind of Italy series but there are plenty of places to swoon over right here in her flickr.

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Stella McCartney spring 2014

Pastels combined with colored snake skin and playful applications att Stella McCartney s-14…

…and this OCD-friendly jewellery stand from Arbor.

I could fit at least 3 things in there. Or just wear the whole thing as a jewellery…

Just a couple of things that would cheer up a morning routine any day now!

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Peaches and butterflies

Blurry, humid, soft days in the sun, somewhere that’s warm enough to make you forget that your feets really hurt. That’s the perfect spot I think.

1st photo: Orla Kiely

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Reformation clothing and juice

Back in Stockholm.. And as July rolls on there’s still plenty of time for summery dresses, the smell of blossoming citrus trees and sour lemonade in the hot hours of the day. I would go for just about any dress by Reformation in the meanwhile, but this one would perhaps be a favorite (if I had to choose I mean!).

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Trip to Belgrade

My grandmothers embroidery.

Nothing better than lemonade, is there?

Fabric-clade retro brooche, looks like a pastry!

Watermelon ice cream, reminds me of my childhood.

I’m off to Serbia for 10 days. Unvoluntary blog pause.. But I’ll be back!

Hope you’ll have a nice week!

1st photo by me, the other ones i don’t know the sources of, tell me if you know.

last photo: sooishi

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Kari Herer

Loving these by Kari Herer. So crisp and organic.

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Rebel flowers, socks in shoes and other stories

Walls that are built to exclude things but become overgrown by flowers… Nature – you rebel, you.

Socks in heels. I could never rock the look but i love all the & other stories styling so a photo is ok with me.

Pink plastic stuff you carry around, never becomes old. Except when it turnes yellow then.

Soft blankets like these are so pretty. I actually have a similiar one in a black color scheme by AnnaO. Goes with everything, love it.

And red nails for the win! Goes very well with soft, newly washed sheets. If the polish is dry that is.

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July mornings and afternoons

Me in my favorite place.

My love with petals seem to be lasting.

& other stories bag and Swedish hasbeens clogs, ready for a stroll!

A lemon baby taking a bath.

My favorite place to spend my summers is only 2×2 m in size. It’s my balcony! I water it until the geraniums become huge shrubs of pink and bright green delight. Withering rosebuds get to swim in porcelain cups before even the petals get an afterlife – being spred around the place like confetti. And even the lemon tree gets an occassional bath, I imagine it will smell nicer for the bumble bees, all in the name of pollination (so I get some more lemons of course!).

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Airy and light

Moving floors, blooming peonies and relaxing baths. My ideal summer house situation!

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Tuesday morning

Circus lights, sharp tivoli hues and orchid platforms caught in a web. 2nd photo by sfgirlbybay and shoes by Charlotte Olympia.

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