Anders Krisár, Derek Lam and Sakura


10 Crosby Derek Lams ss-14 collection. Yes please, move into my closet.


Ander Krisár.. I’m so late on discovering his genius photos and sculptures.


Your typical regal Pinterest pattern. That’s what all our sources will probably sound like in the future – “Pinterest“…


I’m remembering/celebrating Sakura blossoms in such a emotional way every autumn, as if Spring was ten years from now (the curse of living in Sweden!).

A collection of sentimental photos that resemble my current inspirations. Well, what else is new.. I’ve been a lousy blogger because of school/real life/work-starts and the whatnot. Just let me get into my routines properly and I’m on as always! Like.. tomorrow! :)

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One Response to “Anders Krisár, Derek Lam and Sakura”

  1. Liz says:

    I love how you can put together these beautiful photosets. It makes me sentimental about spring even though I am looking forward to fall.

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