Jennifer Causey, NY, Laundry


Window walls, not so great for your privacy but great in every other way.


Remember those strokes you made in like kindergarden and felt were just genius? Well turns out they were.


If you never empty your laundry basket, things will eventually start to grow out of it. And that can turn out pretty good, as shown here by Jennifer Causey.


Also, if you’re to OCD in your workplace, Zebras will move in. This too documented by Jennifer Causey.

Back to work means back to dreaming about out of this world-apartments while being stuck to you table, putting in “laundry”, “training” and “answer emails!!” unto your to do-list and taking care of zebras. Don’t worry guys, we’re in this together!

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  1. Diana says:

    Haha love this collection of pictures!


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