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February 2013

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Boutique, map and tomatoes

If you’re the sort of person that can have a crush on tomatoes just because they’re in a different color scheme than usual, that love bouquets that are wildly unorganized and can’t help but take photos of green balconies when on vacation, well then.. I guess then this is the blog for you :)

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Sakura, Lollique, Cécile Dalader

The first signs of spring.. Has not yet presented themselves in Stockholm. But no sad faces here because of that, there is always forever spring on instagram and pinterest! :)

3rd photo: If I would start a skincare-line, it would probably be exactly like Lollique (hehe, well obviously). A weird thing when you find something new (for me that is) that feels so familiar and right.
4th photo: pretty vase and flower arrangement by Cécile Dalader.