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May 2012

10 In about Lolita


my mother is the most important person in my life. i know that people say that, but i really mean it. without her i’m nothing. she is the most beautiful person i know, both inside and out. when she smiles, i think i’m not the only one to hold my breath. it’s so kind and sincere, it almost hurts inside. it hurts because i want to protect her from all the worlds evils. and still, i know that she is much stronger than me. than anyone i know in fact. she is so sincere because she feels everything so strongly. that’s why she understands it all.

if i close my eyes, i can recreate her hands exactly in my head. and her smell. the way her pony tail rests agains her neck and how she crosses her legs when she sits down. the way she says my name and hugs me. i can record most of our conversations, almost in detail. and everything i know and am is thanks to her. if she would need a heart transplant, i would not hesitate to give her mine. because it is already hers. and it always will be.
happy mothers day mamma

1 In Inspiration



i love how everything is presented here, from the shoes to the clothing. it’s not a new concept – putting things in a dreamy kind of setting i mean, but still, when it works, like in milkcocoa, it really works. it does it for me anyways, i want every single item!