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July 2011

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closet visit

black sandals, sweet buildings and bags of lavender. the first photo is from closet visit, a inspiring the selby-ish kind of site where stylists, photographers and so show part of their closets. i wouldn’t mind the sandals! although i probably have lot’s of look-alikes. why do you always go after the same things? i think i have like 10+ black cardigans in the exact same model!

3 In Archive

voynich manuscript

i think i have gotten a little obsessed with old books and particularly the 14th century old voynich manuscript. it’s a great mystery and the author, script and language are all still unknown. none of the plants depicted are identifiable even though they seem familiar at first glance and the same goes for the text, it’s constructed like a real language but is completely uncomprehensible. anyways perhaps i have a little too much spare time!

the first photo is from the manuscript, the second is by gabbjana and the third one is by pieter estersohn of leonardo ferragamos mansion.