an awesome space/barn of some kind and small white summer flowers in the hair. (thanks for the source fernanda!)

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11 Responses to “barn”

  1. Fernanda says:

    Hey! I was on my Reader when I saw on the blog “not common people” the same photo
    here it is one of the sources. :) such a nice coincidence.
    I simply love your blog. keep it up. x x x

  2. anna says:

    Your blog is still such a constant source of inspiration.

    The last photo is gorgeous.

    How is your school? Art direction seem so much fun! x

  3. sophia says:

    där dog jag lite…så fint!

  4. vivi says:

    so much one can do with that awesome space…the possibilities are endless!!! x :)

  5. Melwa says:

    such wonderful photos.

  6. kara rane says:

    o that is my nexxt studio (wish**)

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