waffers and knits

the only thing that seems to inspire me lately are interior-photos. i don’t know why, but all my folders are filled with them..

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6 Responses to “waffers and knits”

  1. audrey marie says:

    i go through design phases too!

  2. Leontien says:

    I really like the thinks you post on your blog,
    from where do you got all those photos?
    where do you find them
    where do you find your inspiration
    go on with the things you do

  3. Annis says:

    I think a see a Stroopwafel in the photo! Thats a Dutch waffle :-)

  4. ANNA says:

    yeah! the rug is superb!

  5. Nicoletta says:

    If I may guess, I think it’s because outside is getting cold and grayish… let’s focus on cozy and astonishing interiors! :)

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