paris vs nyc, viiiz

oh my god i love this idea, it’s so sweet.. it’s a “friendly visual match between two cities”. the graphics and the overall attitude of the site.. cute!

by ViiiZ art direction and graphic design studio (which i love as well)

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5 Responses to “paris vs nyc, viiiz”

  1. oh i really like this! thanks for sharing!!

  2. miriam says:

    ahh hur sött!! jag älskar det

  3. Nemo says:

    now I got this sudden urge to travel to New York/Paris. if I only got the money… really cute idea!

  4. Nicoletta says:

    my favorite bagel: creamy cheese, capers, and salmon – chai latte instead of the americano… OK, I might be bias :D

  5. this is really cute.Paris and New York is my favorite cities.

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