autumn is here, along with the drizzling rain, the dark afternoons and the hot takeaway coffees. and i kind of like it, as long as i pretend that winter is not within reach. photographers unknown.. sorry.

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14 Responses to “autumn”

  1. Talia says:

    I’m pretty sure the first photo is by Jane from the Sea of Shoes, even though the cherry blossom girl has a pair too

  2. Stefania says:

    i think the first photo is from the cherry blossom girl blog. I am not entirely sure though. i just remember her posting pics of herself wearing those exact shoes. =]

  3. Alice Nin says:

    I love the autumn melancholy feeling photographs transmit

  4. lacgama says:

    IVSL shoes are amazing.
    But I especially like 3rd one.That is so cute! I want to it!!

  5. vilde says:

    i just wanted to say that your blog is my all time favorite! it is perfect, inspiring, beautiful, lovely +++

    hilsen a fellow Scandinavian, du er svensk ikke sant? :)

  6. dada says:

    Shoes are great, but look at those feet! They’re screaming “help me” =S

  7. jamie says:

    Those shoes! The only way they could be more genius is if there were two little songbirds living inside those heels!

    Mechanical, of course. Loved this post. Made me smile.

  8. Nicoletta says:

    not sure those shoes would be appropriate for a rainy day in NYC… oh well, so totally worth a little fever! :D

  9. Erica says:

    If I had those shoes and that coffee cozy my life would be set! So unique!

  10. Marilyn says:

    I like the coffee cup a lot ^^

  11. teresa says:


  12. cecille says:

    last photo is so funny:)

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