sheepskin and lemonade

i don’t know the photographers to these, tell me if you know!
anyways, does that drink look delicious or whaat..

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8 Responses to “sheepskin and lemonade”

  1. Frostisar says:

    Åh, nu blev man ju sugen på nått att dricka :-)

  2. Nicoletta says:

    first one is incredibly sexy…
    and I like the way the colors match!

  3. Jenny Cindy says:

    Beauitful. That drink looks delicious and the first picture pretty much portrays my current mood. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Åh hade gärna avnjutit en cocktail nu, den ser fantastisk ut!

  5. Viva Mexico and his Margaritas!

  6. ClaraAnne says:

    Ha, thats a Margarita disguised as Lemonade! delicious.

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