last spring

just a little movie i made. it’s kind of slapdash because i’m quite impatient.
it’s in swedish though :(

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19 Responses to “last spring”

  1. masha says:

    ooo it’s so cuuute)))

  2. adorable and inspiring work! I wish I could speak swedish, though:(

  3. Grethe says:

    gudars skymning vad fin! det här skulle jag vilja se mer av!
    vad heter låten? xo

  4. Katarina says:

    you are all just too sweet!

  5. Malin says:

    Haha! Så söt!

  6. Vendela says:

    Jag blir så glad! Jag vill se mer som du gjort!

  7. sanne says:

    hi there, i love your little film but i also looove the song you used! Can you please tell me who’s it from and what the name of this song is? thank you very much!

  8. fashionfairy says:

    Fin blogg. Allt bra?

  9. Marilynka says:

    Its so so cute ..too bad I can’t speak swedish

    • Katarina says:

      that’s so sweet.. basically it says: we went bicycling on djurgården. you were extremly concentrated, i didn’t know if winter had ended, it was like a movie when we sat on the lawn, but i don’t remember anything else. :)

  10. Lola says:

    I loved it even though i didn’t get a word!

  11. kirstine says:

    this is too cute, even if I don’t know what it says!

    : )))

  12. Freja says:

    åååh fint!!

  13. amorelle says:

    sooo adorable! i love it.. even though i don’t know swedish

  14. Josefine says:


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