jamie oliver, sandra juto, bloesem

it’s so cold and snowy outside.. kind of unpractical. kind of cosy. i feel like making this but going to the store: huge project. it is sunday after all.

photos: sandra juto, bloesem.

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5 Responses to “jamie oliver, sandra juto, bloesem”

  1. Gonzalo Almuna says:

    tiene un aspecto muy frio pero con mucha identidad y fuerza este lugar
    suerte .

  2. Xanthe says:

    nice pics! and i love your blog, i’m now following you :)


  3. i love this. it’s a really comforting post.

    les deux – katie.

  4. Stacey Kelly says:

    it’s raining and cold where i live so im having a cozy sunday too… these are the perfect pics for a lazy day. :)

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