cocoa, nikole herriott

cloud-shaped marshmallows. that’s all i’m saying for now. that’s all i have to say anyway

photo by nikole herriott

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9 Responses to “cocoa, nikole herriott”

  1. [...] just came across this amazing photo on Lolita…wish I knew where to find these fabulous cloud-shaped [...]

  2. nelpan says:

    Clouds in my coffe… – You’re so vain :)

  3. saara says:

    har sett denna bild förr också och den stannade in my mind…

  4. emily says:

    i’ve been inspired by your blog for some time, but have been comment shy… just wanted to let you know that you rock!

  5. Windsoul says:

    A perfect way to say: I have a whole personal sky in my cup. Or this sky is really my cup of tea.
    Oh, I made a pun.

  6. Dani says:

    aw “clouds in my coffee.”

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