harpers bazaar

harpers bazaar 2

that crisp, light feeling of spring, when everything feels so simple, so clean

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8 Responses to “light”

  1. Kira says:

    Aww, I had forgotten how much I love this about spring. The photos are amazing, I can almost feel the sunny cool breeze on my face!

  2. Simply beautiful.

  3. Dr.Daffodil says:

    are these your photographs? they’re great!

    - dr.daffodil @

  4. Windosul says:

    This is so Free. I want to be her. Damn…

  5. Clare says:

    Love these images, beautiful. Your blog is lovely :)



  6. olympia says:

    i really like this blog so i gave you the sunshine award (

  7. Alexandra says:

    beautiful photographs.

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