Do you believe in always, the wind
said to the rain
I am too busy with
my flowers to believe, the rain answered
(e. e. cummings)

happy valentines!
gif by randi brookman harris and evan sklar

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7 Responses to “spoon”

  1. Johanna says:

    Were do you found you pics?

  2. estanislao says:

    aww, love ‘em spoons.

    (hey, come to the new tumblr. It has comics in it!)

  3. annika says:

    aw this is adorable! i love your blog. it’s very cute and original :D
    love it love it love it

  4. Claradevi says:

    One word : cuteness.
    They’re adorable little gems!

  5. Freja says:

    sjukt sött!!

  6. this is so lovely! My boyfriend and I have nick names for each other like this,he’s big spoon and i’m little spoon. This post is adorable, and there is always more room for ee cummings :)

    Happy Valentines Day!

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