mieke willems

bird, bum, burger.. and coffee cups by mieke willems.

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april 09
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13 Responses to “mieke willems”

  1. Luna says:

    luv the coffe shot

  2. Paulo Lopes says:

    Yes, what is this blog about?

    I was in Google looking for one quote from the photographer David Hamilton, that i admire very much, and i find this blog.

    I find it very nice.

  3. Yaritsa says:

    Love the photo!

  4. l. ward says:

    this is a lovely blog. I’m following and love the photography. Etsy is a great placee to find vintage treats.
    Wishing you much success,

  5. Lisa says:

    oooow the first picture is so beautiful ! I love the light, the colors, and the smart bird (he didn’t chose the worse place to rest ;) amazing picture, right now in my fav’s folder! ;)

  6. Liss says:

    gorgeous!!! the first photo is so fun!

  7. oooh lovely photos! I especially love the silhouettes left in the cups from espresso. Also the subtle color of light blue and slight crimson are so beautiful.

    The ever fan,

  8. I have just come across your blog and i love it! SO many inspiring images and it’s just so pretty!
    I love this post the first picture is beautiful!
    I’v connected with you so please check out my blog and I hope you can follow me!
    Emma x

  9. Mauser says:

    really sexy and cute! ^^

  10. Daisy says:

    Thank for sharing, so fab!

  11. Lenka James says:

    I love the picture

  12. Windsoul says:

    Oh Gosh the first picture is so perfect.

  13. Engra says:

    GREAT the firs photo, it’s funn!

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