three lovely interiors and some drama.

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9 Responses to “apartamento”

  1. matilda says:

    ååååh, vad heter den där filmen? såg den för jättelänge sedan och har för mig att den var alldeles underbar..

  2. amy says:

    love that movie!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Vackert! Mmmm. :)

  4. liu says:

    i’m curious about something..
    i frequently see words in portuguese here..are u brazilian? or portuguese?
    or it just seems to be a exotic language? hahha

    greetings from brazil!

    ps.:by the way i love ur blog
    i always come, but never leave a comment..sorry bout dat! ; D

  5. sheeluvlee says:

    this made me all warm inside. :)
    i love when inspiration does this to me…
    now i want to lock myself away in my studio
    close the outside world, and just cleanse my mind

    thanks ♥

  6. Sanna says:

    den 3je bilden påminner lite om altman’s “three women”, har du sett den? :) väldigt fint ljus i den filmen :P

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