yves oppenheim, proenza shouler, lyndie dourthe


sponge cake (is there seriously no better word for it?) lamps: as lovely as it gets (or can get when you call them sponge cakes. let’s just call them sugar cakes instead). that proenza shouler dress and photo: even lovelier. the flowers have appeared on the blog before but they’re too sweet to forget about so they’re making a reapperance and finally some playful magenta watercolor by yves oppenheim.

sockerkaksformer, pappersblommor och vattenfärger.

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2 Responses to “yves oppenheim, proenza shouler, lyndie dourthe”

  1. karin says:

    love this post. the photos go so well together.

  2. grey rabbit says:

    the lamps look like the shape of jelly moulds, so adorable whatever they are. lovely picture set!

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