i love these! they’re just so sweet and quirky.. i’d pick the red and the purple ones!

åh, virkade hårnålar..

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7 Responses to “wren”

  1. Maria says:

    Fin och inspirerande blogg du har! Nu vet jag vad jag ska göra av mina virkade minitårtor. :)
    Fridens liljor!

  2. Hampry says:

    I love these! they’re just so sweet and quirky….. really it’s true nice this picture.

  3. Liss says:

    so sweet. I want the daffodil one.

  4. Olivia says:

    De ser alla så söta ut. Om jag kunde virka så skulle jag genast göra några stycken till mig själv. :)

  5. Almudena says:

    How nice…I found a couple at Candem Market in London who did these kind of things. Just bought a pair of earrings which are completely lovely. I recommend you all to visit them.

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