olivia bee

the story is up to you.. most photos by lovely olivia bee.

melankoliska flickor, slott och läppstiftsaskar.

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13 Responses to “olivia bee”

  1. spardha says:

    yes it is so perfectly like the book!! great job!

  2. Some Girl says:

    I love the first photo. My heart relates.

  3. I don’t say thanks often enough. I really enjoy seeing the images you discover and share. Keep it up, it is appreciated :)

  4. robin says:

    little olive is so talented, and so adorable.

  5. Toosdai says:

    what i see:
    a group of gangster girls on the edge of a plan of attack: to parachute from the highest parapet of the gothic building. they must pretty themselves up for the newsmen who will be waiting at the bottom.

  6. elle says:

    hej, såg jag dig igår(lördag), gåendes på kungsgatan bredvid en kvinna med barnvagn? jag undrar bara om det var du och så ångrar jag mig att jag inte isåfall gick fram och berättade vilken fantastiskt inspirerande blogg du har. :)

  7. devan says:

    absolutly stunning.

  8. Phoebe Rose says:

    I loove the last photo!

  9. Matilda says:

    Din blogg har något extra. Verkligen fin.

  10. Marie says:

    Stunning photographs. The mood of Lolita, the novel is captured here indeed. The room in the first photograph
    is perfect: moody and secretly sensual. The girl putting on pink lipstick is on target and on her bed she is haunting.

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